I really love my Rockback.  It is beautifully made and a delight to sit on.  Already, I can feel my posture improving when I sit up to the table.  So pleased I bought it.


I am really pleased with my Rockback, it’s comfortable and supportive and has improved my posture whilst working from home, and it looks good. Really happy


Amazing. Suffered with back pain when sitting for over 20 years. This is literally the first chair I have found that I can use with no pain. Even with very expensive designer desk chairs I’m normally grumbling within 20 mins, with this lovely I don’t notice the hours fly by.

Suzanne Hubble / Sevenoaks

Love it! Backache from a day sitting at my desk completely banished. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Sue Emery / Lutterworth

Received my rockback chair on 20th February – delivery was fast and efficient. I bought it to help me improve my posture when sitting at the computer and it has certainly done that. In fact, despite our big difference in height, it works well for both myself (5ft 2ins) and my husband (just over 6ft). It’s well-made, neat and stylish and is the kind of thing I a) wish I had had years ago and b) wish I had invented!

JA Robinson

I’m loving it.At present it has replaced my ludicrously expensive ergonomic office chair and I can’t see me going back to that one anytime soon.I find the Rockback keeps my back straight, I’m not slouching and genuinely feel I’ve done some exercise after sitting in it for a while..

Nicholas Chaplin / Romford

My new RockBack chair is a delight: it’s really bringing ease and comfort to my sitting. I love how I can move between focused (rocked forward) and then musing / thinking (rocked back). It’s helping my thought flow as well as my back!”

Lucy Cash / Edinburgh

Excellent communication between manufacturer and customer as I was informed that chair would be delayed by a few weeks. Glad to get the second chair for my office and can now sit comfortably in two rooms. Following a car accident over twenty years ago, I have found it increasingly difficult to find a comfortable chair and have wasted a lot of money searching. It is money well spent to be able to sit without lower back pain.

Patricia Adams / Brixworth

Incredible product for those of us who suffer from back issues…and to prevent others from getting back issues! Great people to deal with. Very friendly and helpful.


My RockBack, the silver empress, has made the journey to Belgium with me without any problems. Replacing my other chair with the RockBack has made the spot one of my favourite places to sit. It’s a truly amazing concept and my back is very happy!Thank you for the speedy delivery and for creating an awesome product.

Gerd Van Loock / Belgium

I’m always telling my patients to sit with their knees slightly below their hips. It forces the pelvis and lower back into a much healthier position. The RockBack chair helps you effortlessly adopt this optimal position. Plus it looks great! Great for posture and great at preventing back pain!

Nick Metcalfe / Sports Chiropractor

…I’m on what feels like an endless search for the perfect office chair.  I have tried kneeling seats and saddle stools, recliners, standing desks and a mushroom-shaped seat called a Swopper that had me bonging around like Zebedee.  Last week I was sitting on the Technogram Wellness Ball Active Sitting, an inflatable spacehopper of a seat that costs £260 which is expensive for a gym ball, but nothing compared with the £2,795 you would pay for an iconic Eames EA216 desk chair at the Conran Shop.  So far I like the one I’m on  – the RockBack – not only because it is compact and Scandinavian-style chic, but because it serves its purpose.  I feel as though it’s doing me good.  The website tells me that it was designed by a GP and a private back specialist and that it will fire up my core muscles.  It meets the exacting demands that we now make of office furniture, namely it serves as much to ease our conscience as to perfect our posture…

Peta Bee / Health Correspondent, The Times, article 26/09/17

A really lovely chair, beautifully designed – a classic. It fits into any home large or small but the difference when using it as a work chair is amazing. Seems almost magical for its simplicity, rock back for comfort, tilt forward for a healthy ‘back loving’ work posture. It works!


I am very pleased with my chair, perfect  support and flexibility whilst working at my desk, I love it and colour
is good for my decor.
Carol / Devon

The chairs have arrived and I am sitting in mine as I send you this note. They are fabulous. I love the colour and thank you for putting the tape on them. I am extremely comfortable and love the support it gives to my back.

Mary / Dublin

Great product and great service. Just trying to work out what colour I want my second one to be!

Dot / Cambridge

The chairs are really well made and look very stylish. The rocking motion certainly makes sitting more comfortable which allowed me to really concentrate on my work.

Bill / Nuturing Winners

I am a lifelong buyer and tryer of chairs that make desk work more comfortable for your back and posture. This is the best yet. Is it the end of my search? Yes.

Hugh / Author

Excellent service, quality product, these chairs really make a difference

Andy / Ascot

I am 1.50cm in height and the RockBack chair is one of the very very few chairs I can put my feet flat on the floor when tilted forward. This is great as I spend 3 days a week sitting at a desk. When the chair is tilted back I use a foot rest. The chair is comfortable and seems to have helped reduce pain in a sore hip. I have a lovely fire red wool seat cover and back rest.

Jo Greenwell / Ascot

Most comfortable chair i’ve used at my desk. My wife keeps commenting on my improved posture. At first I balked at the price, but then I realized how much I sit, and how good the chair makes me feel.

Mr Busch

RockBack is comfy and looks good in my room!

Sandy / Sunningdale

I particularly like the fact that it is a rocker, but does not take up too much floor space, like a traditional rocking chair, and it is also a hard-working piece of furniture in my workroom. My back seems to like it a lot, too.

MW / Lightwater

We love the chair! It is so comfortable and working on the desk is less tiring. Above all, it looks nice.

Sabin / Ascot

A fabulously supportive chair – highly recommended (we have 2 in our office). I’ve tried all chairs and stability balls over the years for my back and this is by far the best.

Jo Everill Taylor / Better Body Pilates

We love our new Rockback chair. It is soooo comfortable and makes sitting at a desk or table a real joy. I have suffered from a bad back at various points after years of sitting in office chairs.  I have always found the chairs I have used at home for desk based work become uncomfortable after any length of time. With our new Rockback the hours fly by pain free. Every home should have one.

Mark & Tilly Simons / London W11

Great service from the company and a fantastic product. Super comfortable and easily the best chair I’ve tried for eradicating back issues caused by sitting at a desk. Highly recommended.

Kate / Teddington

The rockback has made sitting down to work at a desk an active experience.  One foot on each rail then lean forward to type at the keyboard, or lean back to contemplate.  As another reviewer says.. it’s almost addictive!

Ben Farrington

It’s an excellent bit of kit. Very pleased with it. Ordering / delivery process was slick.  I will definitely recommend to friends.  Good luck with your business and thank you.

Charles W

Lovely product, excellent quality wood finish & fabric, very good customer service.

Erica / Old Windsor

I bought this chair after reading a great review of it in The Times. My husband has had back trouble for many years. He blames this on a sedentary working career sitting in typical office chairs which offer little or no support for the back. Just a few minutes sitting on a Rockback chair were enough to convince him that had he had such a supportive chair during his working life he wouldn’t now be coping with chronic niggling back pain. The chair rocks back and forth depending on the position that the sitter wants to adopt – working at a desk, writing or typing, the forward position is the comfortable option; sitting back and having a think the sitter would naturally rock into the back position. Both positions are supportive to the back and encourage correct posture. The chair is made in the UK. It’s light enough to move or reposition easily, yet solidly made in a stylish design. I needed to contact the company regarding delivery options. The managing director, Simon Sydenham, replied personally and I was very impressed by his attention to detail and genuine interest in good customer service. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough and I wish Simon and his team every success with the Rockback chair.

Maureen Glover

The chair is a handsome piece of furniture, solid and well crafted. It’s simple, ergonomic design is attractive and inviting. The seat offers comfort and cushioning while the back feels like a firm supportive brace, straightening the spine as you lean on it. When writing, the clever design makes you rock gently forward whilst keeping your spine position in place, hence stopping you from arching over. My only room for improvement would be to have an adjustable seat height ( custom made to order? ) so that it suits people of different heights. I am barely 5 feet tall and my feet don’t touch the ground in flat shoes.It’s fine with heels but, when working from home, I don’t often wear heels.

I enjoy using the chair and prefer it to the normal office chair- it’s almost addictive.

Farida Mannan / Ealing
I love it!  I’d become very creaky particuarly in my hips and painful knees and legs over the months since lockdown working from home (despite regular Iyengar Yoga). I”d been working on a fold up metal chair that i thought seemed comfortable!
I feel restored and look forward to sitting down to work every morning.  Really enjoy the different sitting positions moving from meetings to computer work to seeing patients for therapy. 
As i have short legs i use a foam yoga block under my feet if i am not wrapping them around the front legs of the chair. 

Brilliant chair. Great service even in COVID lockdown.


Prompt attention, lots of helpful information provided upfront I am very pleased with my purchase.

Gilly Roberts / Teddington

Exemplary customer service. Simon was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend buying from RockBack.

William Lake / Hebden Bridge

Love my Rockback – I even got my friend to buy one! I used to get back pain from sitting down at the desk, working on the computer, but the Rockback has been really great for helping with this – it encourages active movement when sitting, and also encourages you to take a break more frequently. The construction feels very strudy and the seat is wide and comfortable. I am 5 feet in height, but have no problems using the Rockback. I feel this is an investment that will last me for years to come, and I highly recommend getting one if you do a lot of seated work like me! (p.s. the fact that it is UK-made is an added bonus as I love supporting local businesses, plus I’ve found equivalent chairs made in the EU which cost far more for the same quality)

ZW / Bristol

Very good company, personal service and more importantly, a great product. The chair is great for posture and comfort.

Mr Chaplin

I am very satisfied with my Rockback chair. It took a week or two for me to get used to the rocking action, but after the initial period I am totally happy with the product.

Philip Griffiths / Winkleigh
It’s a really comfy chair!
Especially if you have any back problem – gives
complete support in the right places.
I highly recommend.  My only beef: it could look a bit
more elegant!  The seat is wider than it needs to be
for me, but I suppose that is ‘one size fits all’.  Small
price to pay for making sure your posture is good which
means kind to your back.  Also Simon has been extremely helpful – first class service.
Ruth Nares
Great product Would have been better for me if it had been a little higher as I am tall and it seems ( didn’t know this before ) that my desk is quite high. Works OK though with an extra cushion on the seat and I get myself into a comfortable position. May think about changing my desk!
Shelagh Brown

Great! As someone who has suffered lower back problems for yeas I can thoroughly recommend the RockBack chair. I know it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for – exceptional value for money. No more back spasms thank goodness!

Ian Ward-Brown / Witney

I’ve had my RockBack chair for several months now and I love it.  Not only does it add a sense of style to my home office but it is comfortable and good for my posture.  I also love the fact that it is a local business, made by craftsmen, and Simon is super helpful and friendly to deal with. I’m thinking of getting a set for my dining table too…..

Jo Scott / Englefield Green

RockBack – if you check out my blog article on sitting, you can see that when I updated it a few months ago I was not aware that there was a chair that allowed you to sit either passively or actively. Well, the British made RockBack will let you do this. A patient of mine got one and tipped me off about it. I now use one. Highly recommended.

Michael Smith / The Sunningdale Osteopath Clinic

Beautifully designed chairs and excellent customer service with hassle free delivery.

Katy / Bury St. Edmunds

Excellent customer service with regular updates on the production of my chair. The chair is well made and beautifully upholstered and I’m looking forward to getting many years of use out of my Rockback Chair.


I had a fancy desk chair with the all the adjustables – but my rock back is more comfortable and I now get up from my desk without my usual stiff back. I’m a neurology physician and see a lot of people with bad backs and I think that one of the key elements in management is keeping mobile and this is what the rock back encourages – active sitting. My chair – green seat and orange painted wood – looks really cool and stylish – so that’s a bonus. We’re planning to order a second in contrasting colours.

Catharine / Muswell Hill

Excellent chair – best I’ve had for my back by miles. Great service and follow up from Simon. I’d recommend to anyone who wants a strong back or who suffers problems. Brilliant.

Matt Brittin / Teddington

I have used it ever since when typing away at my desk and have been very pleased.  It is sturdy, looks good and, above all, helps with the posture.  May you sell many of them!

GR / Somerset

Thank you for such speedy delivery. Very good for my back – it’s a perfect fit!!

JR / Suffolk

I have had a RockBack chair for about 4 months now, and use it whenever I am at my desk – which is often for many hours each day. It is considerably more comfortable than any other chair I have tried before (I’ve used kneeling chairs for years, also Swiss ball chairs) and it has undoubtedly alleviated my back pain.  The children often try to nab it, but this is “Mummy’s chair”!  I would highly recommend one to anyone treating – or even trying to avoid – back pain.

Shelley Lawson / Frog Bikes

I am sitting on it (my RockBack) now and I am getting quite used to it! It has taken a week or so to adjust from my old chair. It is beautifully made, looks lovely, very comfortable seat, and the rocking keeps me from sitting still for any length of time.

Henrietta / Winchester

After a long day at work I really look forward to catching up with #GBBO actively sitting on my RockBack chair… any pilates class.  Great chair, well made – superb customer service.

Alex / Henley

Having suffered from a bad back for many years I have found that the RockBack chair has worked wonders for my posture.  I have recently had a micro-discectomy operation for a slipped disc in my lower back and the RockBack chair has helped tremendously in my recuperation.  I am confident the sitting and rocking positions will help to prevent any future back problems, keeping my core strong.  The back of the chair rests at exactly the correct support position for my lower back.

I have found the most comfortable position is small rocking movements between the front and back position interspersed with longer periods in either the tilted forward or rocked back position.

Not only is the chair excellent for the back but it is also stylish.  The choices of fabrics and wood colours are fabulous.  I am so happy with the white Farrow and Ball painted wood and grey fabric which tone in perfectly with my kitchen colour scheme.

This UK company has produced a high quality product and the customer service has been excellent.  Nothing is too much trouble – from an explanation of how the chair works for your back, to help in choosing the fabric and wood to suit you personally.  Thank you Rockback for saving my back![

Sara Brownleader / Wraysbury

Love this chair. Definitely helps with posture and stops you slumping.


Great chair, great service and really friendly suppliers who are clearly passionate about the quality of their product.

Peter Roberts

The RockBack chair has been great in our home for our three boys who spend hours in front of the computer as it encourages them to sit with a good posture instead of slouching. The rocking function means they can rock forward when wanting a closer look at the screen and then rocking back to ponder their next move so I no longer have chairs with wobbly legs loosened by the constant rocking back and forth. The best part is it looks great in the room as I could choose the wood finish and fabric to match the rest of the furniture in the room.

Eileen Tay / Muswell Hill

I am perched on my fabulous RockBack chair (in ’tilt forward’ position) as I type this email. Sitting at my desk has never been more comfortable. No more backache and sciatica! Thanks!!

Jane Lowe / Virginia Water

It’s the most comfortable chair in the house.

Pat Crimmin / Englefield Green

The RockBack chair has been a revelation for my whole body. I have always struggled to sit at a desk for any length of time given previous hip and lower back problems. However, the simply designed chair provides ample support whilst actively encouraging gentle movement, engaging the whole body without you even thinking about it!! Simplicity at its best. A great product which not only works but looks good enough for any office or home.

Adrian Davies / Strawberry Hill

I cannot manage with less than three RockBack chairs, one in each of the places I sit. I converted to something very similar more than 25 years ago, after a major operation for a slipped disc. The great attraction of the RockBack is that the angle across the bottom and the angle across the top ADD UP to give a massive 30 degrees of ’tilt’, while it still looks like a normal chair. It is very comfortable in ANY position. It is simply the BEST chair I have ever come across for those who have a bad back, or had one, or want to prevent one.

Dr James Grogono / London

I recently purchased two RockBack chairs for my home office and have found them considerably more comfortable than any other chair I have had previously. They also look great. I would very much recommend them.

James Foster / Oxshott

Excellent service and product! Over the moon with my RockBack chair!

Luther Davies / Tinker Tailor Design