Do you have a showroom?

No, we don’t have a showroom.We are planning to sell mostly online.

Why do you only have one size?

We have found that the chair fits most people well.

Where is RockBack based?

We are based in Berkshire.The chair frame, seat and back, upholstery and finishing is undertaken by four separate companies all based in England.

What colour frame can I choose?

The frame is available in a clear lacquer (5% sheen), 8 stains (Antique Pine, Dark Mahogany, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Light Oak, Teak, Walnut or Yew) or any of the colours from the Farrow and Ball range (which can be viewed here).

What material can the chair be upholstered in?

We offer a range of fabrics and colours that are fully compliant with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988:

  • Atlantis – a Chenille with EasyClean technology in 50 colours (see the colour range here)
  • Blazer – a Wool in 60 colours (see the colour range here)
  • Modelli – a complete range of different fabrics (see the collections here)
Is this chair suitable if I have a bad back?

Absolutely, the chair is made with bad back sufferers in mind and to help you sit in comfort again.We have found the chair to be beneficial for our backs but it does depend on the individual.

Is this chair suitable if I don’t have a bad back?

The chair is extremely comfortable if you don’t have a bad back as it promotes active sitting.

Where can I use this chair?

Wherever you want to.It is primarily designed as a kitchen and home office chair.It is also suitable for your dining room at home or a meeting room at the office.

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