RockBack – stylish chairs for active sitting

RockBack will help you work in comfort at home.

  • Perfect for people who are working at home.
  • Try a standard RockBack at home with our 30 day money back home trial.
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the UK.

Prices from £295 including delivery in the UK.

Why RockBack?
  • Originally created by Dr. Jack Nickson M.B., B.S., a GP for 31 years and a private back specialist for a further 27 years.
  • Unique active sitting design promotes good posture, movement and use of core muscles.
  • Designed to fit under normal office desks and dining tables.
Free delivery, 30 day home trial, & hassle free returns
  • Free delivery – We deliver straight to your doorstep, for free.
  • Home trial – Order a standard RockBack and you can try it at home for 30 days. If you’re not 100% happy with your RockBack, send it back to us and we will fully refund your purchase (subject to our returns policy). We’re confident that once you try RockBack you will want to keep it forever.
  • Hassle free returns – Just pack the chair in the original packaging, attached the pre-printed label and drop the chair at a DPD pick up shop, for free.
Made in the UK
  • The RockBack beech frame, ply seat and back are made in the UK.
  • RockBack is upholstered with foams and fabrics sourced from the UK.
  • RockBack is finished in Wycombe – the historic home of British furniture.

Inactive sitting
Active sitting

Healthy sitting

Sitting has been described as the new smoking.

A badly designed chair can cause:

  • discomfort leading to lack of concentration
  • grumpiness and irritation
  • serious back issues that may require surgery (I should know as I’ve had 2 back surgeries)

But in modern life we need to sit.

I worked long and hard to create the perfect chair to sit, work and eat in whilst still looking after your back.

RockBack can help you sit healthily in 4 ways:

Active sitting

Active sitting uses your body’s core muscles to maintain your sitting position (in passive sitting, the chair is maintaining your sitting position).  RockBack promotes active sitting in the tilted forward position.

Knees below hips

In the tilted forward position, RockBack enables you to sit with your knees below your hips.  This opens up your pelvic angle which creates a healthy position for your back.

Good posture

RockBack helps you sit in comfort with good posture – either active sitting (tilted forward) or passive sitting (rocked back).  The curved seat prevents slumping.


Movement whilst sitting is beneficial as it stimulates different muscles and sids blood circulation.

And it looks great too.

RockBack stylish

Stylish chairs

RockBack will look stylish in any setting. The beech frame can be finished in a range of fantastic finishes. RockBack can be upholstered in three fabulous fabrics with a huge choice of gorgeous colours.

Fantastic finishes

The beech frame can be finished in:

  • Clear lacquer with 5% sheen to show off the natural beauty of the wood;
  • The full range of Farrow & Ball colours; or
  • Woodstains – antique pine, dark mahogany, dark oak, golden oak, light oak, teak, walnut or yew.
Fabulous fabrics
  • Atlantis, a chenille from Villa Nova with easy clean technology in 90 colours.
  • Blazer, a natural wool in 49 colours.
  • Modelli, a huge range of gorgeous fabrics suitable for RockBack.
RockBack home office

Great for your home office…

Elegant, clean design


Active sitting - uses core muscles

Knees below hips - creates a healthy back position

Good posture - curved seat enables good posture

Movement - aids circulation and stimulates muscles

…or round the kitchen table

Elegant, clean design


I am perched on my fabulous RockBack chair (in ’tilt forward’ position) as I type this email. Sitting at my desk has never been more comfortable. No more backache and sciatica! Thanks!!

Jane Lowe / RockBack customer

I’m always telling my patients to sit with their knees slightly below their hips. It forces the pelvis and lower back into a much healthier position. The RockBack chair helps you effortlessly adopt this position. Plus it looks great. Good for posture and great at preventing back pain!

Nick Metcalfe / Chriopractor

A fabulously supportive chair – highly recommended (we have two for our office). I’ve tried all chairs and stability balls over the years for my back and this is by far the best.

Jo Everill Taylor / Pilates teacher

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